Hi Everyone!

My name is Valerie and I’m the owner of Lucky 13 Fashions. My company started out as a teeny tiny boutique in Soldotna, Alaska about 8 years ago! When I opened the store I was a young married women right out of college (Sic Em Bears). Since then things have changed in so many ways! The store has grown and therefore moved/remodeled many times. I now have 2 little ones that keep my life full of fun and craziness (If you happen to shop in the store on a day I am working you will most likely meet them)! My boutique is very much a family affair and everyone helps out here and there when needed. Most recently I partnered with a local artist to launch our very own clothing line, Designs of Alaska. We are beyond excited about it and love that it showcases beautiful intricate Alaskan art. With the launch of our clothing line we have been incredibly blessed by the support and enthusiasm of the local community for it! We really do have the BEST CUSTOMERS!

Personal: I moved to Alaska when I was 4, so Alaska has pretty much always been my home. Growing up in Alaska, I did a lot of hunting, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors. I love the beauty of Alaska and enjoy getting to live in such a wild and free place. After high school I pursued a B.B.A. from Baylor University and an MBA from WGU.  The semester before finishing my Bachelors I married an amazing Texan guy who is always supportive of whatever crazy adventure I want to take on.  We have a little boy named Ryan and a little girl named Felicity (not the artist Felicity that does our artwork). They are the absolute BEST! We have 2 crazy Boxers with larger than life personalities that are spoiled and very very loved! Um….what else? I love Coffee and Adventure and Clothing… which is what led me to open my own boutique.

Thanks for visiting my boutique and thank you for all your support!