Roll For It! Deluxe Game
Roll For It! Deluxe Game
Roll For It! Deluxe Game
Roll For It! Deluxe Game

Roll For It! Deluxe Game

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Ages 8+

2-8 Players

20-40 Minutes to Play

Roll your dice, match them to cards, and score points!  The first player to collect 40 points wins! Be careful, though! Other players may challenge you for the card you’re after. An instant dice-rolling classic for all ages that you can play with anyone, anywhere! All of this comes in a beautifully embossed tin with a hinged lid – the rich flocked interior of which doubles as a dice tray – and fits perfectly into your pocket.  Roll with style!


Roll For It!™ Deluxe Edition combines the fast-paced action of Roll For It!™ with the beauty of Calliope Games’ iconic artwork. The Deluxe Edition includes all the contents of both the Red and Purple standard editions of the game but adds an extravagant presentation sure to wow players.

Included are 48 stunning dice, a crushed velvet dice bag embroidered with the Roll For It!™ logo, and 60 exquisitely detailed cards featuring your favorite Calliope characters. The Deluxe Edition is presented in a beautifully embossed tin with a hinged lid—the rich flocked interior of which doubles as a dice tray—and fits perfectly into your back pocket, making the Roll For It!™ Deluxe Edition the perfect choice for gamers on the move.

Roll For It!™ is everything you want in a game. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s fast!  The rules couldn’t be simpler!

  1. Roll It! Roll your dice.
  2. Match It! Match your dice to the Roll For It!™ cards in the center of the table.
  3. Score It! When you match all the dice faces on a card with your dice, take the card and add it to your victory pile. The first player to 40 points wins!


  • Take It Everywhere: Roll For It!™’s compact size means that it travels easily, making it the perfect travel game. The flocked tin itself even serves as a dice tray to roll into when you play on-the-go!
  • An Ideal Choice: The enjoyable simplicity of Roll For It!™ makes it ideal choice for players of all ages and levels of experience, who need a quick, fun game.
  • Educational: Roll For It!™ combines the luck of the dice roll with resource allocation. It’s been used to teach scanning, decision-making, information management, and probability skills.
  • Beautiful: Featuring the art of Echo Chernik, the Roll For It!™ Deluxe Edition is presented with pearl and translucent dice, an embroidered crushed velvet dice bag, and a flocked embossed tin that doubles as a dice tray.