BLLÖX Stacking Race
BLLÖX Stacking Race
BLLÖX Stacking Race
BLLÖX Stacking Race

BLLÖX Stacking Race

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  • OBJECTIVE: BLLOX is the simple, wacky and fast-paced stacking race that is sure to get your whole group laughing but most importantly, it is heaps of FUN for the preschoolers, kindergarteners, adults and just the whole family!
  • HOW TO PLAY: Each Player gets 5 blocks. Flip over a card and race to build what you see! See, Slap and Stack! Flip a card and race to build your stack faster than other players. Super-simple to learn and super-fast to play.
  • WHAT IT DOES: Good hands-on interactive skill challenge. Helps build and improve dexterity, fine and gross motor development, color recognition, pattern recognition and more. Teacher's, therapeutic centers and parents will love the learning.
  •  WHAT'S INCLUDED: Bllox includes 20 FSC (this means environmentally friendly!) wood blocks in 5 colors and 42 stacking combination cards. If you want to sprinkle some crazy on your game of Bllox, we’ve also included a 36 card wacky pack.
  • INTENDED USE: BLLOX is the perfect game for the whole family! 36 wacky and creative ways to play are included, such as: stacking on a body part, stacking with your eyes closed, stacking as you jump on one foot and many more!

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